Pete & Kris Stinnissen
Salamander Ridge Farm

Pete & Kris have been gardening organically on their St. Joseph Island farm since 1989. They grow heritage and heirloom varieties as well as modern cultivars. As well, they have free range hens, geese and ducks that are supplemented with Certified Organic feed. Salamander Ridge Farm is committed to following organic and natural practices, including using untreated seeds, no pesticides, no herbicides and no artificial fertilizers

They are passionate about healthy environment, tasty food and looking after their tiny little piece of “the Garden of Algoma”. You can learn more about them at SalamanderRidgeFarm.cahttp://salamanderridgefarm.cashapeimage_2_link_0
Preserves made using their farm grown ingredients, natural vinegar and sea salt
Fresh baking made with unbleached flour, graded eggs, and Canadian butter. Mini Butter tarts are made with maple syrup. Several flavours of scones are available!
100% organic feeds and free range hens makes these eggs nutritious and delicious
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